Parents Page


What to bring
Here is a basic checklist of what to bring for your child, depending on age, but please feel free to modify this list according to your child’s needs and discuss any personal preferences or specific requests with our team.


  • • Three changes of clothing (including socks or booties) 
  • • Receiving blankets 
  • • Diapers, wipes and ointment 
  • • Bottles or sippy cups
  • • Enough prepared (and labeled) formula or breast milk for one day 
  • • Jar food and cereal (when applicable), snacks.
  • • Sweaters and/or jackets to accommodate indoor/outdoor temperature changes 
  • • Sunscreen 
  • • Mosquito repellent
  • • Hats
  • Toddlers and Two's 
  • • Diapers or Pull-ups
  • • Rash ointment
  • • Wipes
  • • One extra change of clothes
  • • Sleeping bag and a blanket for nap time
  • • Sunscreen
  • • Mosquito repellent
  • • Sippy cups (one for water and one for milk)
  • Hats

These items will stay at the daycare center Monday through Friday and will be sent home every weekend to be washed and brought back on Monday. Keeping two sippy cups on hand will expedite the breakfast process. They will be sanitized at the end of each day. Please let us know if you prefer other arrangements.

Spanish class

Spanish is taught every day at Munger Square Child Care. We start with basic concepts and words (good morning, hello, good-bye, thank you, my name is, etc.) and move on to colors, numbers, shapes, days of the week, body parts, songs, and phrases (I want to use the restroom, I want to go outside, how are you?, what is your name?, etc.). Classes are complemented with dances, activities, games, arts and crafts. Periodically parents will receive a summary of the words the children worked on that week so they can encourage use of them at home. Each month more words and concepts will be added to the curriculum.

Daily report
At the end of each day, parents are provided with a written report of each child's activities, including what was eaten, if/when the child slept, number of wet and dirty diapers or potty visits, what kind of day the child had in general, what outdoor and/or indoor activities the child participated in, and general comments or questions for the parent from the child's teacher.

We understand that parents rely on good communication for a clear understanding of their child's day while in our care. We welcome conversations between parents and teachers any time, but we also value each parent's time and understand that busy schedules don't always permit inquiries on a daily basis. Our daily reports provide basic information that can be communicated quickly and easily without requiring the parent to ask.

Our monthly menu is posted on the Parents Information Wall at the beginning of the month , modifications can be made according to children's allergies and/or needs.

Parent Advisory Board

All mothers and fathers are welcome to participate in our daycare center’s Parent Advisory Board, which meets every few months and communicates periodically by email to address any questions, concerns, ideas, issues or suggestions that might benefit or improve everyone’s daycare experience. The advisory group provides an open line of communication between parents and Munger Square Child Care to ensure that everyone’s thoughts and ideas are heard and that their inquiries, comments, concerns or complaints are addressed quickly and comprehensively. For information about the next parent advisory meeting or to be added to the email communication list, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put in touch with the current parent leader.